Aims and Purposes of the IAPA

1.   To emphasize and perpetuate the prestige and status of the accounting profession.

2.   To promote and protect the interests of the accountant.

3.   To cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation among the members

4.   To establish a respected public image of the accountant.

5.   To encourage professional levels of competence, character and integrity.

6.   To promote the highest standards of ethical conduct among the members.

7.   To seek the enactment of laws and the correction or modification of existing laws in the interests of the profession and the general public.

8.   To develop and distribute educational material in order to increase the knowledge and efficiency of the members to the end that the clients they serve and the general community may profit.

9.   To direct the member’s attention to some of the significant developments in tax laws, regulations and court decisions, through IAPA bulletins, newsletters and other publications.

10.  To encourage the participation by individual accountants in worthwhile civic activities.

11.  To combat discrimination against accountants wherever and under whatever conditions such inimical practices may appear.

12.  To publicize the achievements of individual members through appropriate national, state and local media.

13.  To represent the accountant on the national level with all government agencies and particularly the Treasury Department.

14.  To encourage and assist accountants in the application of efficient management methods for the profitable conduct of their practices

15.  To serve as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of timely information on all matters of interest to accountants.

16.  To increase contacts and acquaintanceships among the members.

17.  To initiate and develop, from the national level, a continuing program of public service projects.

18.  To encourage its members to obtain accreditation.